Allure Plastic Surgery Miami

A Board-Certified Group of Plastic Surgeons

Allure Plastic Surgery is an exclusive surgical practice devoted to all aspects of aesthetic plastic surgery. It was founded by four board certified plastic surgeons with impeccable credentials who saw a real need for a state-of-the-art plastic surgery facility which could be owned, managed and operated strictly by plastic surgeons. This arrangement allows the surgeons to focus on delivering the highest level of surgical outcomes while at the same time maintaining the highest standards for patient safety without any outside corporate influence. At Allure Plastic Surgery, the surgeons are ultimately in charge of patient care and the patients are always our top priority. Surgical experience is an important factor when considering a plastic surgeon and Allure plastic surgeons collectively have almost 80 years of plastic surgery experience. They actively contribute to the specialty with numerous publications, textbook chapters and scientific presentations at national and international plastic surgery conferences.

Allure Plastic Surgery is located on the lobby floor of the luxurious Merrick Pointe Building situated in close proximity to the Village of Merrick Park shopping venues. This location provides easy access from Miami International Airport for our national and international patients.

The plastic surgeons were intimately involved in the design and creation of the facilities. From the beautifully appointed consultation rooms to the state of the art plastic surgery center, the Allure Plastic Surgery facility has been designed specifically with the aesthetic plastic surgery patient in mind.

The reception staff at Allure Plastic Surgery is well versed in all the administrative aspects of aesthetic plastic surgery. From a simple reminder of an upcoming appointment to arranging transportation and lodging for the families of our national and international patients, these courteous individuals are capable of managing all the details associated with a visit to our facility. The staff involved in patient care has extensive experience in the field of plastic surgery. These caring professionals are totally committed to the safety and satisfaction of our patients.

Allure is defined as the power to entice or attract and its synonyms include glamour, charm, appeal, fascination, attraction and charisma among others. We chose a name that would be synonymous with the culture of our practice. Our guiding principle will always be to “exceed expectations” in all the services that we provide.