Bikini Styles to Flatter Your Plastic Surgery Results

shutterstock_57002666With summer just a couple of months away, and since every season is bikini season here in Miami, it’s the perfect time to plan plastic surgery and have time to recover so that you can hit the beach with your new body. The Allure Plastic Surgery of Miami team has some tips on the most flattering bikini styles, based on which procedure you’ve undergone.

After Breast Augmentation

Can’t wait to show off that more voluptuous chest of yours? We don’t blame you! While you’re bikini shopping, just keep in mind that your new, fuller breasts are now heavier, and will require more support from a bikini top. Look for tops with thicker straps (such as with halter tops and tankini styles) and a supportive structure (underwire or similar, though this should only be worn after you’re completely healed). Once you’ve got the right support, have fun showing off your new top half with bikini styles that match your personality: neon colors, flirty ruffles and bows or more classic color block patterns are all fun options.

After Liposuction

Are you ready to stroll the sand with toned thighs or sleeker hips? Wherever you’ve had liposuction, your new, smoother and slimmer silhouette will likely look great in high-cut bikini bottoms that accentuate your longer, leaner look. Popular styles that include embellishments on the hips, including bows, ruffles and ruching, are also great ways to accentuate your new figure.

After Tummy Tuck

Can’t wait to display that flat, trim tummy of yours? A string bikini with a low-rise bikini bottom will elongate your mid-section and highlight your slimmer tummy. Find a bikini bottom that is low enough to just cover your scar, so that it is not noticeable and is protected from the sun (though you should also apply sunblock to the area for further protection). Busy patterns draw attention to your whittled waist, so enjoy shopping for the latest trends, including vibrant florals, striking geometric and monochromatic prints and animal prints, large and small.

Get Sexy for Summer

Are you inspired to get your body bikini-ready in time to hit the white, sandy beaches with confidence? To find out more about the breast and body contouring procedures offered at Allure Plastic Surgery of Miami, or to schedule a consultation with one of our trained surgeons, call us today at (305) 479-2991.