Tips to Get Your Implant Size Right

stk212574rkeOne of the most universally asked questions about breast implants is, “what size should I get?” It is difficult for the doctors at Allure Plastic Surgery of Miami to answer this in a general way, because every patient has a different body type and a specific goal she would like to achieve. Instead of giving a blanket response, our doctors have curated a list of tips to help breast augmentation candidates choose the right implant size for their body, personality and lifestyle.

Think about Your Personality

Do you love being the center of attention? Or do you tend to shy away from the limelight? Aspects of your personality are helpful in determining whether you want a noticeable transformation or a subtle boost in breast volume. Imagine whether you would be comfortable with large breasts attracting glances from others, or if you would prefer your breasts look proportional and natural on your body.

Use Our Sizer Kit

Our team has a breast implant sizer kit so you can “try on” different sizes of implants. Implant sizes are measured by the cubic centimeters (cc’s) of saline or silicone material. They typically start at 125 cc, with the average patient selecting implants around the 300cc to 400cc mark.

Bring a few blouses, dresses and/or bikini tops when you try on the sizers. This gives you an idea of how your augmented breasts will look in casual, formal and beach attire.

Ask a Friend’s Opinion

If possible, bring a close friend, sibling or spouse to your consultation and ask their opinion of the implant sizers. While the decision is ultimately yours, it’s nice to have a second opinion from someone who knows your personality well.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Are you a runner? Do you go to CrossFit or Jazzercise classes? Think about the activities that you regularly participate in and consider whether the size of your implants could potentially interfere or limit your range of motion. Our doctors can weigh in with their professional recommendations based on your activity and fitness level. This information can also influence the implant placement (i.e., whether your implants are placed in front of or behind the pectoral muscle).

Remember the Long-Term Results

Breast implants are designed to last for the long haul. Remember that you are selecting implants for “Current You” and “Future You.” Think about yourself five or 10 years from now, in a different stage of life, and imagine how you will feel about your selected breast implant size.

Schedule a Breast Implant Consultation

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