Habits that Might Be Making Your Breasts Sag

Habits that cause saggy breastsSome degree of breast sagging (ptosis) is to be expected over time. Blame the connective tissue of the breasts, which is responsible for perky and youthful-looking breasts. Breast tissue is made up of collagen and elastin, both of which deteriorate with age. Also, glandular breast tissue is slowly replaced with fat, which is more likely to droop, during the menopausal years. Both of these truths are unavoidable.

However, there are also some avoidable habits that you might not be aware of that contribute to the downward decline of your breasts. The team at Allure Plastic Surgery of Miami discusses several habits that might be making your breasts prematurely sag.

Extreme Weight Fluctuation

Fluctuating five or 10 pounds won’t make much of a difference, but gaining and losing 30 pounds repeatedly may contribute to breast sagging. The continued weight gain and loss loosens the breast tissue (imagine a pair of old, stretched-out tights).

Not Wearing Sunscreen

Being lax about sun protection not only leads to noticeable wrinkles, but can also damage the breast skin. Sun exposure causes the collagen in the breast skin to stretch out and the breasts to sag.


Research has showed that smoking is one of the biggest causes of ptosis – some studies suggest it is more of a risk factor than breastfeeding. It is believed that smoking breaks down elastin, a protein that keeps skin firm and elastic. Smoking also deprives the breast skin of oxygen and the nutrients it needs to stay healthy.

Inadequate Bra Support

Wearing an ill-fitting, unsupportive bra won’t keep the breasts in place properly. When the breasts bounce around, it puts stress on the breast skin and collagen.

How to Get Perkier Breasts

Experts have different ideas of how to achieve perkier looking breasts. Quitting smoking and using sunscreen are good places to start. Some fitness enthusiasts claim that exercising the pectoral muscles will make the breasts appear to sit higher on the chest. Even simple things like sitting up straighter can help the breasts look perkier.

But the only surefire way to enjoy perkier, more youthful looking breasts is breast lift surgery. Our Miami breast lift surgeons will reshape the breast tissue higher on the chest, remove excess skin and tighten the remaining skin. This gives the breasts a better position and shape. Our surgeons are careful with incisions so there isn’t extensive scarring.

To learn more about how breast lift can help improve the appearance of saggy breasts, please contact Allure Plastic Surgery of Miami. Call 305-479-2991 today.