What if No One Notices Your Facelift?

The prospect of people noticing your facelift is a double-edged sword: on one hand, you want the results to be noticeable enough to make you look visibly younger and more attractive. On the other, you don’t want to swing to either extreme: a facelift too subtle to make a difference, or one that makes you look like you’ve had “work done.” The team at Allure Plastic Surgery of Miami discusses this subject in this blog post.

When No News is Good News

It has been said that a good plastic surgeon is akin to an artist, reflecting the same attention to detail and aesthetics. In this vein, the difference between an experienced plastic surgeon and one who lacks the proper surgical skill and artistic eye for creating natural-looking results is most dramatically seen after facelift surgery. A good surgeon will take into account not only the expressed needs of the patient, but also their specific facial musculature when planning and performing surgery. A skilled plastic surgeon will also be careful to place incisions in discreet locations around the face, hiding them as well as possible. When tightening the facial muscles and redraping the skin so that it’s taut across the face, and experienced plastic surgeon will be careful to avoid pulling the skin too tight and giving the patient a “plastic look.”

When facelift surgery is performed within these parameters, it makes the patient look refreshed, alert and years younger. Many of our facelift patients report their family, friends and acquaintances asking whether they’ve lost weight or gone on a restful, stress-free vacation to get that noticeable glow.

When You Want More Noticeable Results

But what if, after facelift surgery, you have managed to avoid that pulled, fake look but still wish that your results were a bit more dramatic? Because the facelift procedure that we perform at Allure Plastic Surgery of Miami is tailored to fit each individual patient’s facial structure and surgery goals, the vast majority of our facelift patients are more than satisfied with their results — which provide a facial transformation that is all at once subtle, yet beautiful. If, however, you’ve had a facelift and are still noticing wrinkles and fine lines around your face and neck that you want gone, talk to your doctor about a possible revision surgery and also non-surgical options for getting the look you want.

For Results You Can Trust

Want your facial wrinkles and fine lines gone, but don’t want to look fake or unlike yourself? For beautiful facelift results, you can trust the surgeons at Allure Plastic Surgery of Miami. With years of experience performing facelift surgery, they seek to enhance the individual beauty of each patient that they work on, and have a proven track record for achieving noticeable, yet natural-looking results. To schedule a facelift consultation, contact our office today by calling (305) 479-2991.