What Causes “Man Boobs”?

shutterstock_105216602Are your buddies giving you a hard time about your “man boobs”? Is the thought of taking off your shirt at the beach or while exercising your worst nightmare? If you are embarrassed by enlarged breasts that give your chest a more feminine appearance, you’re not alone: roughly one-third of men experience some form of gynecomastia, or enlarged male breast tissue. Are you wondering what causes it and what can you do to achieve a more classically masculine, fit-looking chest? The experienced surgeons at Allure Plastic Surgery of Miami have the answers in this blog post.

Extra Weight

A man that is overweight may store some of the extra weight in his chest, causing a puffy or sagging breast appearance. And extra fat can also stimulate a man’s estrogen production, causing the growth of breast tissue. But this problem can’t be bench-pressed away: men with this problem need to both lose the excess weight and use chest-toning exercises to get a more sculpted chest. When man boobs are caused by excess tissue instead of fat, a man may have to undergo male breast reduction surgery to address the issue and achieve a more sculpted-looking chest.

Hormone Changes

Women aren’t the only ones who experience changes in their hormones — men also experience fluctuations in both their testosterone and estrogen levels, especially as they age. Add alcohol into the mix, which inhibits the liver’s ability to get rid of excess estrogen, and a man has even more of a chance of developing extra breast fat and tissue as a result. Aging as well as certain medications and cancer treatments can play a role in a man’s shifting hormones.


Prescription medications that include blood pressure drugs, antibiotics, antidepressants, ulcer medications and anabolic steroids can also cause excess male breast tissue. Some cancer treatments, including chemotherapy, and HIV medications may also contribute to gynecomastia. The use of marijuana, amphetamines, heroin and other drugs may also cause this condition.

Get a Fitter, Flatter Chest

If embarrassing, jiggly breasts persist despite your efforts to diet or exercise them away, you may be a candidate for male breast reduction surgery, a procedure that removes extra male breast fat and tissue for a firmer, flatter chest. To learn more about the male breast reduction procedure, contact Allure Plastic Surgery of Miami when you call (305) 479-2991.