Why Celebrities Won’t Admit They’ve Had Plastic Surgery

Why Celebrities Won’t Admit They’ve Had Plastic Surgery

Why Celebrities Won’t Admit They’ve Had Plastic SurgeryIn Hollywood, competition is fierce and looks are everything. There are not many professions where fortunes are won, or lost, all on looks, but the show business industry is one of them. Celebrities spend countless hours in the gym to stay at that perfect weight, but unfortunately as we all age, our looks can falter a bit. For celebs there simply is no excuse for droopy eyes, wrinkles, some extra skin around the neck or just a hint of love handles. Many celebrities end up turning to plastic surgeons to help keep their youthful appearance, but few of them will freely admit that they have had work done for a number of reasons.


Most celebrities have been put on a pedestal since they were very young and feel as if they can do no wrong. As they age, they begin to realize that they are not as untouchable as they once thought. While they may have gotten the luck of the draw when it comes to fame and fortune, age has a way of affecting everyone in the exact same way. To combat this, celebrities often see plastic surgeons in secrecy to get that face lift or eye lift that helps them to look a few years younger again.

Aged Looks Do Not Pay the Bills

Unfortunately in Hollywood, aging isn’t something that allows stars to pay the bills. Movie stars are expected to look perfect at all times, which as we all know is not realistic. You can work out and eat right, but aging still is going to happen and stars look to plastic surgeons to help them age more gracefully. If you hear about a star that is taking some time away from the limelight and comes back looking radiant – chances are they’ve had plastic surgery. Stars understand that they are paid for their looks and this means that they also have to pay to look good.

Fierce Competition

When you think of plastic surgery, you likely think of the aging woman who looks to plastic surgery to seem a few years younger. In reality, stars that are younger and younger are looking to plastic surgery to gain a leg up on their competition. Looking young and innocent is not enough anymore to succeed in Hollywood. Younger stars are turning to plastic surgery to get bigger breasts or a more chiseled face in hopes that it will help them win that coveted audition against their peers.

Constantly in the Limelight

With the age of the Internet and the Paparazzi, celebrities are photographed each and every day. This means that they always need to look their best or fear being ridiculed online and in the tabloids. Many celebrities turn to plastic surgery to help them look their best for the cameras both off and on-screen.

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